G&A has a proven track record in the design, specification and installation of fire stopping and air sealing systems to compartmentalise buildings, reduce energy bills and contain the potential spread of fire. All work is fully certified and completed to the highest quality standards.

We have extensive experience of working on a wide range of commercial and industrial buildings, including care homes, hospitals, food processing, stadia and airports. Our teams have the skills, experience and flexibility to overcome challenging applications, and in bringing older buildings up to the standards required the fire authorities and insurance companies.

Digital asset record

We provide a digital asset record of all completed works, particularly beneficial to local authorities, facilities management companies and lead contractors with their duty of care to ensure that buildings meet building control regulations.

  • Prevent the passage of toxic gasses, smoke and fire between compartments, walls and floors
  • Close off pipe, cable and lightbox penetrations
  • Provide up to 4 hours fire integrity
  • Improves acoustic and thermal insulation properties

Firetronic Tracking

For the latest realtime information of your works – please use the link below to login.

Realtime Tracking

Customers include:

Trundley Design Services
Walker Construction

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