G&A is one of the UK’s leading intumescent painting contractors, with extensive in-house experience and expertise in the specification and application of intumescent paint.

Our directly-employed teams are highly skilled, and provide a professional and efficient service for a wide range of commercial and industrial projects, ranging from a one-off factory unit to aircraft hangers and stadia.

The latest in intumescent paint technology

Intumescent coatings are designed to expand when exposed to high temperatures, which greatly reduces the spread of a fire, protecting both buildings and people’s lives.

The coatings we use represent the latest in intumescent paint technology, and were developed with sustainability in mind.  Suitable for both internal and external applications, they are designed to meet the latest industry standards and all relevant building codes.

In tune with fast-track construction

Available in water-based, solvent-based and two-pack epoxy to achieve up to two-hours fire protection, intumescent paint systems can be applied all year round, and prior to the building being fully weathertight. This meets with the increasing demand for fast-track construction, providing both a cost effective and creative solution.

Typically used for internal and external applications on structural steels, intumescent paint systems can also be used to achieve up to a Class 0 spread of flame to timber, walls and ceilings.



Customers include:

Trundley Design Services
Walker Construction

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